Building awareness and engaging with followers on social media is an important strategy for growing your nonprofit’s reach. When it comes to connecting with people in your community, raising awareness and collecting gifts and donations, social networks are here to help spread the word about your work. We’ve gathered our top five tips as a guide for you to become more effective in using social media to build awareness.

1. Tailor Your Content

When developing a content posting strategy, take advantage of the strengths of each platform you’re using. Many organizations make the mistake of posting the same content across all platforms. This saves time, but it’s not always effective. Facebook is good for sharing longer posts and publicizing events. Twitter is best used to directly engage with your audience in online conversation. Other platforms are focused on video or photo content and should be used accordingly.

2. Highlight Donation Opportunities 

As a nonprofit, you should always be on the lookout for donations. Prominently displaying a donation button or link at the top of all of your social media accounts will make it easier for people to donate to your cause.  

3. Engage Your Audience

Find creative ways to encourage your followers to interact with your account. Post a Twitter poll, start an online competition, or solicit stories. It’s important to post frequently on all of your accounts—daily, if possible. When your followers send a direct message or comment on your post, respond as soon as possible. Even further, ask your employees, coworkers, volunteers, and friends to share your content with their followers as well.

4. Prioritize Visual Content

Social media platforms are notorious for constantly changing the factors that make a post more likely to be seen by a wide audience. In recent years, Facebook and Twitter landed on an algorithm that prioritizes content with visual elements. When posting on these sites, always include a photo, video, GIF, infographic, or other visual to expand the reach of your post.

5. Use Hashtags and Monitor Trending Topics on Twitter

Most platforms allow you to post and view content at your own pace, but Twitter is a different animal. Organizations that are successful on Twitter tweet about things going on in the world right now. Research and use hashtags related to your cause so that your content is easily discoverable. Be sure to monitor trending topics in your space so that you can respond and add your voice to the conversation.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. LinkedIn. So many social media platforms, so little time! Start by mastering one and remember not to let it overwhelm you or your team. Afterall, building awareness is most effective when you’re having fun!