New Orleans is a city full of culture, passion, and compassion. Whether it be students mingling with locals during Mardi Gras or grandparents dancing with toddlers to jazz music, there is so much love. GiveNOLA Day, hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation is a day dedicated to just that– compassion. On May 1, anyone will have the opportunity to donate online to any New Orleans nonprofit organizations. In past years, GiveNOLA Day has raised around $5 million!

This day has a special place in our hearts because New Orleans is our home. Some of our first clients are local New Orleanians. At ExemptMeNow, we help people bring their dream of social well-being to life. Days like GiveNOLA Day give these smaller nonprofits the attention and donations that they deserve and that they might not get on a different day because of their size.

Here are a few New Orleans nonprofits that have worked with ExemptMeNow. They are doing great things for the community and would love support of any kind.

STEM Library Lab

STEM Library Lab is an equipment-share resource center for teachers that lends science equipment to schools, so that students can learn about science, technology, engineering and math on a deeper and more conceptual level. Active learning through hands-on labs and projects creates higher student engagement and improved outcomes. However, many public schools in the New Orleans area do not have the funding to provide the students with a well-rounded STEM education. This nonprofit is working towards providing teachers with not only the equipment, but also important resources such as safety training, lab management training, and lesson planning resources to help students to reach their maximum potential. To learn more about STEM Library Lab, check out their feature on our Nonprofit Spotlight.

Dat School

Dat School is a program for students that focuses on a self-directed learning style. Dat School fosters creativity and a thirst for knowledge in the students through self-directed teaching methods, driven by the belief that children have a natural desire to learn. This gives students the opportunity to learn about what interests them in a fun and creative way. Activities include anything from science and math games to cooking and sewing. Each day at Dat School begins by setting intentions to guide the children’s learning. Throughout the day, children have reflections between activities, where they think about what they accomplished and what they plan to accomplish next week. Dat School offers week-long programs to small pop-ups. The organization’s 501(c)(3) is pending.To learn more about Dat School and how you can help, check out their website and their Facebook page.


Similar to STEM Library Lab, STEM NOLA want to get students interested in STEM subjects. Founded by New Orleans native and former Tulane professor, Dr. Calvin Mackie, STEM NOLA is an after-school program focused on giving students communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. About one Saturday a month, they have morning programs that begin with a short orientation, followed by a mini-lesson. After a break, they spend the rest of the morning applying what they have learned and presented on their projects. While there is a small fee, because the program encourages students of all socioeconomic class, there are discounts available. To learn more about STEM NOLA and sign up for the next available program, check out their website at

Electric Girls

Electric Girls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to transform confident, innovative leaders in technology. Starting as a summer camp with six campers, the nonprofit has expanded to after-school programs, in-school programs, weekend programs… the list goes on. The organization was started after the founder realized she was the only female recording engineer in the Vital Sounds Record program at Loyola University. Technology is a male-dominated field and Flor Serna, the founder, is working to change that. The girls learn skills such as how to use a soldering iron, wire cutters, a multimeter, laser cutters, and 3D printers. In fact, 3/4 girls feel more confident about their tech skills after Electric Girls, and 9/10 girls feel confident enough to teach someone else what they’ve learned from Electric Girls. Through these activities and the mentor program, where returning students teach newcomers, the girls are empowered to work with technology and gain unconventional skills. Learn more about Electric Girls and how you can get involved at Click here to donate to their GiveNOLA Day campaign.

New Covenant Church of New Orleans

The New Covenant Church of New Orleans is a Christian house of worship. They help to foster Christian beliefs through events and retreats such as Worship Fest. The church promotes a sense of community with a common goal to find faith.

Be sure to check out the other participating nonprofits and what else you can do to participate in GiveNOLA Day!