Most nonprofits are founded by people who have a specific mission in mind from the start, but sometimes a person may have a desire to give back to their community without knowing exactly how they want to. If you have the time, resources, and desire to start a nonprofit but don’t know what type, here are a few ideas to get you started!

1) Address a Local Health Problem

Research local health statistics to determine the major health issues in your area and start a nonprofit aimed at addressing the problem if you feel like no one else is doing an effective job.

2) Provide Support for the Elderly

As lifespans and quality of life in America increase, a larger percent of our population is made up of the elderly than ever before—and many older Americans have no family or friends they can rely on for support.

3) Save Your Environment

Most communities have environmental issues that need attention. Everything from cleaning up a lake to scrubbing graffiti off the walls of buildings in the neighborhood is fair game.

4) Give Kids a Better Shot at a Good Education

There is no shortage of nonprofits centered around helping kids do well in school. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of kids who could use a little help, either. Nonprofits can serve many educational functions, from tutoring to providing school supplies to students in need.

5) Feed the Hungry

Estimates vary, but roughly 40 million Americans (including over 11 million children) struggle with hunger. There is a serious need for donated food in almost every community.

6) Start a Trade Group or Association

Many professions have trade groups and associations that allow professionals to collaborate and network in a convenient and effective way. 

7) Drive Registration for a Cause

Voter registration and registering to be an organ donor are just a couple examples. 

8) Raise Awareness of a Harmful Issue

Have you or a loved one suffered from a life experience such as drug use or domestic violence? You may be able to offer support to others in similar situations.

9) Support or Oppose a Government Policy

Pay attention to local, state, and federal politics. If there is a proposed law you are particularly passionate about (or if you wish someone would propose a specific law), advocate for it.

10) Preserve Local Art or Culture

If you are a fan of the local music, art, or culture, consider ways you could help preserve it for future generations.

These ten options are only a few suggestions for potential nonprofits. Our best advice is to find something you have a passion for, then do some research to determine if there is an unmet need in your community for a mission-driven organization to help with the issue. Good luck, and thank you for your desire to give back!