About Resilia

Increasing the capacity and impact of social justice initiatives through clean, responsible technology

Resilia is a technology company that builds data-driven communities. Organizations of every size — from startup nonprofits to powerful grantmakers — use our products to access technical assistance on demand, evaluate their progress, and strategize for maximum impact.

The power of technical assistance on demand

The world today is a different place than it was a decade ago. Individuals and organizations are increasingly driven by the desire to make a positive impact— to leave the world a better place than we found it.

That means that nonprofits are more important than ever in affecting community change. They’re educating our future generation, rescuing wounded animals, researching cures for devastating diseases, and fostering vibrant communities of art and culture.

But the complexity of compliance, shortage of funding, and challenge of building capacity are constraining the impact of both nonprofits and the organizations that support them.

Removing those barriers helps increase the impact that we can make on our world.

Supporting the full nonprofit life cycle

The nonprofit life cycle is complex.  Starting a nonprofit involves a lot of difficult, expensive paperwork.

Managing and growing a nonprofit involves mastering skills like board governance, fundraising, and marketing (skills that many nonprofit leaders don’t come into the job knowing.)  

And for those that deploy capital to nonprofits, the ability to effectively manage those relationships is growing more complicated every day. 

The Resilia Difference

Although there are various point solutions to these challenges,  Resilia is the only solution that enables the entire nonprofit life cycle from founding to funding to furthering. 

Founding — Helping organizations file and receive 501(c)(3) status quickly and effectively

Funding — Enabling development staff to quickly locate and use critical funding-related data, and building organizational capacity to pursue even more opportunities 

Furthering — Displaying beautiful, intuitive data dashboards that help you make your case and strategize for maximum impact


Removing organizational complexity 

We are driven by the idea that technology is not a replacement for human ability, but rather an enhancement of it. Our software gives you the tools you need to start and manage your nonprofit in a way that is fast, effective, and intuitive.    

From startup nonprofits to the world’s largest foundations

Hundreds of organizations rely on Resilia
to start, manage, and deploy capital to nonprofits.

Our New Orleans Roots

Resilia wouldn’t exist without New Orleans. Beyond the culture, beyond Mardi Gras and jazz and the best food in the world, New Orleans is a city of exceptional strength and resilience. After Hurricane Katrina,  over a million people were displaced from their homes, and hundreds of local businesses and schools were decimated. Through it all, nonprofits were the first responders.  They were the heroes that helped people rebuild their homes and their lives.

We’re driven by the conviction that resilient people and communities have the power to transform the world for everyone.  That’s why we consider it our #1 priority to equip those people and communities with the tools they need to make the world a better place. Because at the end of the day, no one makes an impact alone. 

Photo courtesy of Eric Gross | Flickr

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