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February 28, 2019Resilia Announces Rebrand, Adds New Product Offerings

NEW ORLEANS, LA — February 28, 2019 — Resilia CEO Sevetri Wilson announced today the company’s rebrand of its SaaS platform, formerly Exempt Me Now.

Resilia cuts through the bureaucratic requirements of nonprofit operations and management with a suite of solutions for NPOs and Enterprise customers alike.

“After a decade of working hand-in-hand with nonprofits and those who grant such as cities, private foundations and corporations, we knew that there was an opportunity to bring new technology to increase capacity for organizations and scale impact,” said Wilson. “We essentially took our expertise in this field, productized it, and built a platform to deliver it on-demand.”

Resilia’s newly expanded offerings include:

  • A premium offering for established nonprofits through Resilia’s Subscription platform, which provides on-demand technical assistance, document templates, and real-time notifications for state and federal compliance needs and more.
  • An enterprise offering targeted at cities, private foundations and corporations. The dashboard provides seamless grantee onboarding, automated investment tracking, and powerful oversight and data retrieval . 

The Enterprise solution represents a bold step into the world of those who deploy capital.

“We’re offering accessible, meaningful technology to help our enterprise customers achieve the same impact that data and automation has provided to the private sector,” said Wilson.

Resilia will still offer its incorporation and exemption services as it always has for startup nonprofits. The Exempt Me Now service streamlines the 501(c)(3) filing and federal registration process to get new organizations up and running quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Wilson, who raised over $2 million in initial seed funding, says the company has been using added resources to increase market traction and expand its technical team.

What hasn’t changed? The company’s core dedication to empowering and advancing mission-driven organizations as is reflected in its new tagline “Powering the people changing the world.”


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