How do you scale your impact?

It’s the $64-thousand (or, more accurately, $410 billion*) dollar question.

Supporting hopeful causes is never more important than in times of change and challenge. But whether you’re a private foundation, socially conscious corporation, or local government system, deploying funds is becoming more and more complex. Between technical systems, regulatory requirements, day-to-day operations and grantee management, tracking the true impact and ROI of your giving is a tall order.

Good thing Resilia’s up for the task.

* Total number of philanthropy dollars distributed in FY 2017 [National Philanthropic Trust]

Our Guiding Questions

Private foundations deploy funds to nonprofits to fulfill their missions, but often struggle to scale impact without removing the human element. How do you adequately support your grantees without spending more and more time managing the process?

City governments extend their reach through nonprofits and community organizations, but with public funds under unprecedented scrutiny they need to ensure compliance and prevent waste. How do you guarantee the funds entrusted to you are going just where they need to be?

Corporations that have an effective giving program find it easier to attract and retain talent, have higher compound annual growth rates, and enjoy an array of morale and PR benefits. How do you track the impact of your programs and demonstrate ROI in a world of intense competition?

Resilia Enterprise

Resilia Enterprise is a one-of-a-kind solution for private foundations, corporations, and city governments.

Enterprise features a dashboard that allows for in-depth reporting of the great work your organizations are doing in the field, allowing you to track the impact and ROI of your programs.

Customize your dashboard to collect the information you need when you need it. Add customized alerts to keep you abreast of the most important data. Combine these features with a comprehensive set of tools and training that help your grantees build their capacity to scale impact.

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